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It All Started With a Simple Idea

The idea of helping people who are prescribed with unaffordable medications, we believe that everybody should have access to affordable prescriptions.

  • About Our Business

    Our goal is to find the best way to save money on those expensive prescriptions.

  • The Human Touch

    We take away the business mindset and bring back the human touch.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    We give all of our patients the best service possible to make sure they are 100% satisfied.

What We Do

Many State and Corporate assistance programs exist to help patients get their medications free or for very little cost. The RX Savers team have unique and in depth knowledge of these programs and offer to connect patients and help them qualify for the proper assistance programs. Our experience prescription assistance advocates work with you and your doctors to help expedite the approval process and make sure you receive your medication on time every month without interruptions.

Our Pricing

We know how important getting your prescriptions are to your quality of life and put a large amount of time, effort and labor to complete each application properly and make sure that the information is up to date so that you never have to skip a dose. We charge a modest monthly cost for our service however your savings will far outweigh our fees.

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